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United States Army Brotherhood of Tankers

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                                              What is USABOT?

The little Facebook page started by Jeffery Jarriel to gather a few tanker friends around to talk about the memories, now has a thousand of Jeff’s tanker brothers!

Here is just some of the reasons that make USABOT a site great;The most US Army tankers and tank mechanics on any web site in the world!Tankers who have crewed every tank from the M47 to the latest tank on the ground now!Tankers who have served in every location, conflict and war that a tank has been deployed for at least the last 50 years!Tankers with 2 to 30 years experience on tanks!Master Gunners from the first pilot courses to the most recent graduate from Fort Benning!Tankers who have fired on every US Army tank range world wide!Tankers who can answer any tank related question; they heard about it, they seen it, or they done it!Tankers who have served in every tanker position in the US Army from loader to senior commander.Tankers who understand what tankers do, and who welcome another tanker in a heartbeat! Tankers are brothers in arms in the Combat Arm of Decision!A place where a young tanker can converse with another who tanked 50 years ago, and realize all generations of tankers have much in common!A place where the history of tanks is seen in photographs and talked about, from that very first little fumbling tank in 1918 to what happened yesterday! The most extensive tank related experience base, bar none, that can be found!A place for old tankers to talk about tanks things that only another tanker understands.A place for tankers to relive the memories, meet new tankers and renew friendships with tankers they served with in the past.Tank instructors who have taught tanks at every army tank school and in the field for the Regular Army, National Guard, Army Reserve, and our allies and friends!Tankers who served in the Regular Army, the National Guard, and the Army Reserve!Tankers who restore historic armored vehicles for museums.Watch my tracer!

Should you be or know a tanker or tank mechanic, feel free to invite them to the Facebook Page here.
Should you have interest in the fundraising aspects or just love tanks, you can join the public page here.

We welcome USABOT and thank them for their support!

Steady on,

The Whole Patriot

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Our Supporters