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Hello readers and supporters,

 I trust all is going well on you end and if not, I wish you strength to make it through your hard times.      As  you are all to well aware, many vets and military personnel have health challenges like diabetes,     weight problems and other possibly avoidable health issues.

As harsh as that may sound it is a fact of life that we are all well aware of; through our dedication to our service we learned to take responsibility, push through the hard times and overcome harsh, sometimes unbearable situations.

We have all done it in the name of patriotism and it is all to common that we then do not find that same intestinal fortitude to take care of ourselves, sometimes it takes only a bit of discipline to create a life changing habit.

In the past 3 years since founding this site I have assisted many a vet in weight loss, reduction of diabetes and other issues dealing with weight and nutrition, always at no cost at all. Many of you know I run this site solely on donations and out of pocket, which I do gladly and from the heart.

I would therefore like to put the nutrition program out there for anyone who can promise me they will try it for at least 30 days, why 30 days? Because you will see a difference in your life, health and how you feel and will have created a habit. Should you wish to benefit from the free nutrition plan at no charge, only 4 pages and a printable chart to carry with you so you cant forget, a simple, easy, nothing to read program…then write me a mail asking for this and making the commitment of 30 days.

Again; I receive nothing from this, as a matter of fact I turn down affiliate commission offers all the time, this is a totally non profit site, I usually end up paying for everything myself and I do it with pride. Therefore I only ask that you make the commitment shoudl you wish to try out the nutrition plan that will help you drop weight, which in turn helps blood pressure, diabetes, joint and back pain and much more.

You will not receive automated mails or follow up mails, just a simple mail from me personally and no other offers, this is for you, a patriot, a fellow Serviceperson.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you, as always, much strength,

Steady on,

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Important Note:

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