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Alright! You’re saying ‘yes’ to getting better: great news! This is a major step in securing your own “area of operations” within your life.  Let’s jump right in! But before we do, let me say this: Once you begin this journey, your belief in yourself and will to succeed will be key factors in seeing it through.

You will probably be discouraged, asked if you’re crazy, maybe even told you are endangering your life, and YOU WILL have days when you want to say “Forget this!” Personally, I have been ridiculed, scoffed at, and doctors have downright yelled at me. The arrogance I have experienced only made me more resolute to see this mission through. In the end, those who scoffed, laughed, or yelled were only frustrated because I did not bow to their “knowledge”, their doctors’ authority, title, or experience. I have tried it their way: their drugs, and treatments of more and more drugs, until I was ready to end it all.

I had had enough of being the victim…and over 15 years later, now at the age of 44, I am a beaming example of health. My Gulf War Syndrome is all but gone, my PTSD is in check, and many other problems are gone or subdued to a point that I do not notice them. Sure, I still have the odd moment, but in general I feel great!

This system can work and it will work for you if you stick to it. Grab that internal drive, which we all learned and ignited in the service, and go for it.  Start now, today! Choose you!

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Off we go!

In order to get optimal results, you must consider completely cutting all fast food, processed foods, and cola-type products out of your diet, at least until you are past the 60- to 90-day mark, which is when you should start feeling a difference. This is imperative, let’s keep it simple: fast food, processed food, colas, and just about anything in a box at the supermarket is bad for you. Do not get fooled by fast food chains or supermarket packaging offering ‘healthy choices’, any food processed by humans is hurting your body…period.

The First Step to Sustained Health is Mentally Agreeing to a Fundamental Nutritional Mindset

The changes suggested here are small and sometimes difficult to implement but can produce amazing results. Do not expect change overnight; it will take willpower and personal strength. Hang in there and follow the program for at least a month or two – once you start feeling and seeing results, you will want to continue.  Think back to boot camp: we also needed a few months to learn the ‘new life’.  This is much the same, but without the screaming drill instructors!

At The Whole Patriot, we know how it is to be bedridden and depressed to the point of suicide.  We have been there, we truly have. Your decision is what matters right now. You have to decide to make a change for you and your family, decide to fight the passivity and be healthy…no matter what. You can do it. You’re a military warrior, so we know you’ve got the fight in you!

This is not a diet, it is a change of mindset, and it is YOU making a decision to take charge of and improve your health. It’s simple as that. You can eat as much as you want, whenever you want, just NOT fast food, processed foods, or soft drinks. This alone will change your health considerably. Make the change today, right now.  Do it for yourself and your family.  Your life WILL change.

We recommend you check out THE PROGRAM IN GENERAL and the start with the program under START HERE to embark on your lifestyle change to better health.

Good luck and always feel free to comment on the different posts or write us any time by clicking here.

This is the first step.  We applaud you and are proud to be associated with our fellow servicepersons who refuse to give up and who taken charge to live a healthy life, regardless if our service-related ailments are recognized or not!

Thank you for serving and thank you for taking interest in our site.

Steady on,

The Whole Patriot

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