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Here are a couple of true-life stories to inspire, create hope, and motivate you to stick with your program.

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“I strive to educate myself about nutrition and fitness and weed out the junk science, but lifestyle changes are harder than just learning about it.  Small changes make a big difference in my health and well-being. Thanks to The Whole Patriot, I am able to learn more and can skip all the guesswork of searching the web.”

Captain, US Army


Veteran of the Marines, Navy and now Active Duty Army

“I am a Gulf War Veteran. Though I was not on the front lines, within a few years of serving in Bahrain, after returning from a Med Cruise back to the Persian Gulf, I began to suffer severe pain throughout my body. After going to numerous medical appointments, doctors could not pinpoint the cause of my pain. I began to develop all the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome/IlIness. Finally, a doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia.

Over the years I have been prescribed various types of medications. After reading the literature about GWS and realizing the possibility that I had suffered from exposure to various toxins, and learning about the effects medicines have on your body internally (drugs are drugs, their legality does not determine their potency), I decided to fast and detox. That gave me the opportunity to notice how my body acted when I reintroduced it to certain foods and or medications. For example, I learned that sugar caused inflammation in my body. My body reacts negatively to dairy products. There was help for my IBS: foods like Kashi help me stabilize my digestive tract. Learning how my body responded to certain things gave me the opportunity to decide what to feed it.

Also, because of my relationship with God/Christ, I learned to pray about my situation. I believe in healing. I believe that by the grace of God I was able to return to military service today. Now I only experience the kinds of aches and pains that the average person my age experiences: achy knees, shoulder tension.

Unlike my early experiences, it is manageable now. I truly believe that discovering the right nutrition plan for your body is key; cleansing, fasting and detoxing in a healthy way allows you to start anew. Your doctor can help guide you through this process.

I pray you will take advantage of the information on this site and know that you are not alone in your journey to better health. A veteran developed this site for veterans to help one another, because we know, we have been there, and we are here. Be blessed and live strong.”

1LT Lynn Webler



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