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We congratulate you for taking your health matters into your own hands: if you’re as sick as we were and are tired of depending on pills and drugs that do nothing but make you feel worse; if you’re tired of doctors who just prescribe what ‘the book’ says, then we salute you!

You’re saying ‘yes’ to getting better: great news! This is a major step in securing your own ‘area of operations’ within your life.  Let’s jump right in, but before we do let us say this:

Once you get started on this, your belief and drive to succeed will be key factors in seeing this through.

Before you begin (by selecting an ailment from the list below) you may want to take a look at the actual HOME PAGE and read our introduction statement, as well as taking a look at the ABOUT US page where we explain who we are and why we launched this website.

Below is a list of ailments. Simply click on the link of your choice and you will be taken to that specific page.

What do you suffer from?

Gulf War Syndrome – This is a highly contentious problem due to the failure of scientists to isolate where the problems come from. In this issue, we have some helpful answers for you.

Diabetes Type 2 – An epidemic in our country, this disease can precipitate amputations, cause blindness, or even death.  Get it in check now!

Cancer – Proven natural treatments and tips on how to move ahead in your fight with this awful situation.

PTSD – Difficult to grasp and even more difficult to detect, but there is help.  Get off your pills and start changing your life!

Depression – Take control of your mental health and live the life you deserve!

High blood pressure – Not a situation to take lightly; work towards controlling it naturally.

Migraines – Sick of the endless battle? Find out how you can ease the pain.

Liver problems – A wide array of culprits can be responsible, but one thing is paramount in its treatment: DETOXIFICATION!

Obesity – A problem which is often a side-effect of another pre-existing condition.  Find out how to loose weight healthily.

Joint pain/Arthritis – This can cause stress and aggression, along with frustration: get help today.

Back pain – A never-ending battle? Try these natural remedies for easing your pain.

High Cholesterol – High cholesterol puts you at risk of coronary heart disease: get it under control naturally.

CRPS or RSD – Also known as RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

This is not an exhaustive list. We are compiling our experiences with other ailments, so stay tuned! Should you not find your ailment here, please write us and we will help.

No Financial Relationship with Suppliers

We make absolutely no money from the sales of the products on this site; no company has paid to be listed here, nor is this a covert advertisement of any kind.

Some of the companies listed have promised discounts for ordering through this site; we will make clear which ones they are. We will also make clear which ones do not wish to give a veterans’ discount.

We chose these companies because we personally use them.

Please take a look at THE LIFESTYLE page for more information concerning sustained health.

One day at a time…Steady on,

The Whole Patriot



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