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“Why are you doing this?” We can honestly say that after going through it all over the past 12 years, we would be sinners and un-patriotic if we did not share our health success with fellow veterans: it’s as simple as that.

“Do I have to use the products mentioned?” The products shown here are what we use personally.  You can substitute most of them with other brands found in your local stores. I will add, however, that the exception is the Amazon Herb Company herbs: there is simply nothing out there that is so pure, so rich, or concentrated as these.

“What about my medications? Will this cause problems when taking herbs?” Again, we are not doctors, but we can tell you this much: Medications are products that treat one thing in your body. When considering natural products, think of it like this: natural products balance your entire system. Speak with your doctor about your concerns. You may want to speak to a professional naturalist or homeopathic doctor who understands these products better than a conventional doctor.

“Will I have pain?” We cannot guarantee that you will not feel worse before you feel better.  This is often the case when the body starts ridding itself of toxins that have settled deep within.

“How do I know the herbs will work?” You don’t. These herbs are what we recommend after 12 years of use. We are only passing on our healing experiences. We encourage you to research the herbs, and if you’re not sure, speak to your doctor, preferably a natural or homeopathic doctor. We will also try to answer any questions that arise.

“What will my doctor say?” We cannot say for sure, nor can we speak for any doctor, but we can say this: Conventional medicine is obviously not working for you or you would not be reading this. Think about it: you take one pill and then another for the side-effects and then another for those side-effects. Does this feel right to you? Many conventional doctors are heavily lobbied and courted by large pharmaceutical companies to sell and push certain products, not to mention the fact that many doctors studied only ‘scientifically’, not even touching on the thousands of years of natural healing wisdom. Every doctor has their place in society; they are heroic for what they do, but this does not mean that they know everything. If this were the case there would have been a cure for cancer years ago.

“Is it right for me?” This is a difficult question, simply because we all have different symptoms, problems, and mindsets. It has been said that over 80 percent of all chronic diseases are psychological. We can say that a positive outlook can help your results immensely. You have heard the saying “mind over matter”. We are pretty sure most of you have had an experience in the military where the mind said “no way” but you did it anyway! Only you know if this is right for you, but we can strongly suggest that you try it for at least a month.

“What kind of results can I expect?” depending on how closely you follow the program, you may be very surprised by the results. We all have different symptoms, but the first part of this entire program is a colon cleanse or detoxification program. Done correctly, you will free your intestines from all the crud coating its walls, allowing your system to once again absorb the nutrients and herbs you will be taking. This alone has changed people’s lives for the better. It is not uncommon to drop weight once you perform the cleanse, due to the “unloading” of the many meters of crud from the intestine walls. There can be up to 25 pounds of waste in your colon at any one time. This is especially common if you eat a lot of fast food and processed foods. If you do nothing else, do the colon cleanse!

“Do I have to start with the cleanse?” Of course not, we are simply passing on our experience from the past 12 years and what worked for us. That being said, before your intestine and colon are cleansed, you might as well be dumping your herbs and healthy food in the trash, as it will be only be partially absorbed. Once you feel lighter after the cleanse, you can move on to the next step, in which the herbs and other supplements you are taking will be readily and quickly absorbed and used by the body. Our suggestion: if you do nothing else, at least do the colons cleanse!

“How quick can I expect results?” Are you willing to inspect your stool? When you start with the colon cleanse, you will see a major difference in your stool. You may even be disgusted by the length and sliminess of it, but it pays to look at it.  Examination lets you see with your own eyes what was stuck inside of you. Depending on your routine, you may see and feel results within a few days – with others it may longer. Once the colon is clean, you will feel a difference, and the herbs, supplements, and good food you are eating will be fully absorbed into your system, where they can begin to assist in healing.

“How long do I need to stay on the program?” There is no exact time frame – it is all up to you. Once you see and feel results as you continue with the program, it will become routine and you will probably not consider stopping.  It takes 21 days to form a habit: use a calendar to count down the days. Should you miss a day, start counting from number one again, and follow through until you have done it 21 days in a row: then it is a habit. It’s your choice how long you want to stay on the program. In the end, listen to your body – it will tell you to keep going.

“I have diabetes, is the program dangerous?” I cannot answer this question.  Some of the herbs I mentioned (which will be labelled as such) have been shown to regulate blood sugar, alleviate, and sometimes cure the actual sickness. No guarantees though –  it depends greatly on your diet. We will note that it has been reported that the pharmaceutical diabetes medication has been proven to only prolong the sickness, not cure it. Read more about natural cures here.

“Is it expensive?” We offer all this information for free; the herbs and other products do cost money. Consider this: Our society these days finds it totally normal to get a loan for a new, bigger house, car, or other “things”.  We spend money we do not have and blow it on “things” for the short-term satisfaction; but for some reason we always want the cheapest food. This is a mindset we need to start shifting.  We have one body, one life, and it makes sense to invest in yourself, your health, and your well-being for a sustained, happy, healthy life!

“It is almost impossible to eat healthily!” We agree.  We found it almost impossible at first, but we do have solutions for you. The first thing needed is the decision is to STOP eating processed food and fast food, and cut out any sweetened drinks. All foods with high fructose, sugar, and all the other unpronounceable ingredients, can only harm you. We need to replace this worthless food with high-nutrient, concentrated food, and herbs that your body will love! Check the Recommendations Page for more information.

“I am craving sweets, what now?” Nothing wrong with that.  Grate some natural raw cacao (see the links and description on the recommendations page). You can also make a fruit and nut smoothie, or take a nice chocolate protein shake and add ice and milk to make a milkshake.  All kinds of nuts and natural peanut butter are good for you in small doses.  Once you get to the point where you feel better and truly know you are on your way, you can eat some ‘junk’ food once in awhile.  We invite you to do so after you feel better – it will only convince you to stop eating it even more once you feel how your new body reacts.

“I hate diets!” So do we! This is not a diet, it is simply you telling yourself that you are tired of feeling sick and bad, that you will no longer put harmful types of food into your body.  You will no longer eat fast food, processed foods, or the cola-type drinks that are driving your body to ruin. Is that a diet? We would just say that we are refusing to hurt ourselves anymore.

“Can I eat meat?” You can eat whatever you wish to eat, it is the origin and the processing methods that are important. If you like beef, search for a free-range farm near you, or ask a butcher you know for grass-fed, organic, free-range beef, chicken, or turkey. Better yet, go to the butcher shop during hunting season and pick up some fresh wild meat! Most of the meat you buy in large supermarket chains has been mass-produced and injected with so many hormones and antibiotics, that you are truly hurting your system by eating it…no matter how damn good that T-Bone tastes.

We hope to have answered all your questions.  Should we have missed any, please do not hesitate to ask – just go to the CONTACT form.

Steady on,

The Whole Patriot

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