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This page has been added to explain the basic platform for all the suggested herbs and supplements that will help you with your ailments.

What you will read below are the basic nutritional guidelines we highly suggest for a jump start to getting better. Without the cleanse and the superfoods, the process of getting better will be delayed or even stifled.

Below are the the three steps that will secure the fundamental nutritional base from which you will build upon. These steps are simple to achieve and at the same time they can provide very powerful results and bodily awareness. Please take a moment and read through these steps, your body will thank you!


The #2 Killer in America is Colon Cancer. Nearly every disease can be traced to a toxic colon. Elimination of food waste should only take 18-24 hours to occur, yet the average person takes 3-4 days. You can store between 10 – 30 pounds of waste in the colon due to toxic buildup. Breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, and heart disease begin in the colon.

The colon is very difficult to clean, because it is the waste disposal unit of the body. The toxins that were not eliminated from your body may cause toxic buildup and possibly harbor parasites. The toxins will get stored in the colon and possibly be absorbed by the body. This can poison you and manifest into major health issues. Read more and order by clicking here or here.


Fiberzon Plus: We highly recommend  these capsules, which contain a gentle formulation that is especially appropriate for those who prefer capsules rather than a fiber drink. Fiberzon Plu is a synergistic blend of 16 organic Rainforest herbs, including rhubarb root to encourage regular bowel movements and cleansing. This balanced formula addresses all areas of the elimination system. It helps nurture a healthy lining of the stomach and intestines, stimulates liver function, and supports healthy colon activity for elimination of toxins from the body. Great for daily use, evenings before bed, and mornings upon rising. Read more and order by clicking here.


STEP 3: SUPERFOOD POWDERS  – You can begin with this right away, or wait until the colon is flushed. This is a mix of greens, grasses, algaes, herbs, vegetables, and many more amazing ingredients that your body is craving. Some superfoods are preferred over dietary supplements for enhancing health and combating diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity.

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Read more about Superfood here.

ADDITIONAL SUPERFOODS – These are a very important part of any health solution, including this program.

Chlorella – Reducing body fat, total cholesterol, and blood glucose levels, chorella is an absolute must for anyone exposed to Depleted Uranium, nerve gas, and other toxins, and is also an ideal cleanser for the blood stream. Chlorella has been shown to accelerate healing, protect against radiation, help in the treatment of Candida albicans, and relieve arthritis pain. Work with your dose: start with a few tablets and work your way up. Very few people have stomach problems with chlorella, but if you have persistent diarrhea, you should discontinue and just use the Spirulina. Read more here or order by clicking here.

Spirulina works in many ways to balance and strengthen our health. Its rich array of nutrients provides a strong foundation so that we are less vulnerable to invading bacteria and viruses. It supplies essential minerals that may be missing from conventional foods grown in depleted soils. People taking spirulina usually feel greatly energized. Read more here or order by clicking here.

UPDATE: Read the new post about how Magnesium should be a part of your daily nutritional base here.

Now check out THE LIFESTYLE if you have not yet done so, otherwise move on to START HERE!

One day at a time…Steady on,

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