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A Whole Patriot Needs a Good Grip on Their Workout!

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Gripad Partnership with Whole Patriot

We are honored to have won support from Gripad for all veterans reading The Whole Patriot.

Not only does Gripad offer an amazing 30% discount for all veterans entering “veteran2012” in the coupon code box, but they support veterans where they can.

We encourage you to support Gripad and try the groundbreaking new technology in your training routine to feel the difference it will make.

GRIPADĀ® Lifting Gloves provide maximizing protection with minimal coverage!Ā  An open design made of neoprene provides a firm and comfortable grip while preventing calluses, heat, and odor usually associated with traditional Workout Gloves.

Order now HERE – Remember: enter “veteran2012” in the coupon code box, all lowercase, written together.

We thank Gripad for their amazing support and we wish you all a great workout with your new gloves!

Steady on,

The Whole Patriot


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