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No More Milk?

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Humans are the only mammals that drink milk from other mammals, or have you ever seen a goat going to a pig at feeding time? Each mammalian species has its own “designer” milk, and cow’s milk is no exception. Bear in mind that mother’s milk is excellent nourishment for human babies, but its composition is very different from cow’s milk.

Raw milk advocates claim that if cow’s milk is a healthy and wholesome drink. It is true that raw milk is less acidifying than processed milk, but I still don’t recommend drinking cow’s milk.

Milk cows are given antibiotics and most are also injected with a genetically engineered form of bovine growth hormone (rBGH). A synthetic hormone used to increase milk production, rBGH also increases blood levels of the insulin-growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in those who drink it. And higher levels of IGF-1 are linked to several cancers.

Recent information by Samuel Epstein, MD, Professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Illinois School of Public Health, and Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition. In an article titled “Monsanto’s Hormonal Milk Poses Serious Risks of Breast Cancer, Besides Other Cancers”  Dr. Epstein concludes that:

“Drinking rBGH milk would thus be expected to significantly increase IGF-1 blood levels and consequently to increase risks of developing breast cancer and promoting its invasiveness.”

Whatever the case we are fortunate enough to live in a free society where we can choose what we drink. This information is provided becasue I personally cut all dairy out of my diet and was totally amazed at the raise in my energy levels, I truly thought I was taking some hidden energizer. We encourage you to try a dairy free diet for at least two weeks and you will notice a difference, give it a shot. As afflicted Servicepersons we sometimes have to try and find our own way of healing, this was one of those experiments that helped immensely. We realize this is a major claim but our change in health is the living proof, we would love to hear what your experience is.

Great substitutes:  Nut milks, rice milk,  oat and hemp milks provide a healthy milk substitute that you can purchase at most stores. These milks can be used in place of cow milk for cereals, beverages, and baking. You can use coconut milk for baking if there’s a need for a thick and creamy milk substitute or to replace heavy cream in recipes. Try and purchase organic products always.

Avoid using soy milk (and its byproducts). Soy products are the most popular dairy substitutes on the market and the least healthy. Soy is only healthy when it is traditionally prepared and fermented. Modern processed soy products are linked to hormonal issues including hormonal cancers, PMS and menopause complications.

Read why some say milk is bad for you: here.

We wish you strength and success in your health endeavors!

Steady on,

The Whole Patriot

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