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Loose 10 Pounds in 3 days?

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Sound like a trick? We have heard it a hundred times; “take these pills” or “drink this mixture of exotic fruit for 5 days” but somehow it never works, why is that? Well it is because no one of these “diets” address the needs of our body but look only at the intended results.

Lets look at what we CAN do to reach a healthy weight loss; First of all we need to enable the body to treat itself, not treat the symptoms form the outside. Basically we need to give the body tools it needs to fix itself.

Did you know that the immune system gets all it needs from our intestines? Did you know that if you eat processed foods, which you do if you eat anything in a box, fast food or cola type drinks, that the walls of your intestines are coated and clogged? This means your immune system is weak and you cannot absorb the needed nutrients from the food you eat, or even your supplements? With a coated walls of your intestine you are also not able to give your body what it needs to be able to facilitate weight loss, not long term anyway.

So what is the answer? Ready for this one? … Juicing…yep, fresh juicing. Fresh juice has live enzymes that eat away at the coated, hardened food waste in your intestines and helps it be eliminated, unclogging your intestines, opening up the walls to allow your body to use the nutrients it so needs to make you healthy and even thinner.

Your intestines can hold up to 30 to 40 pounds of waste at one time! Imagine getting rid of just that! Not onyl woudl you feel fantastic, you will feel lighter, thinner and you woudl have not lost one pound of fat, what this does for your metabolism is beyond simple words.

So where to start? I would suggest getting a juicer, a bullet juicer or a Single Eye Juicer, it is important to note that the faster the juicer rotates or spins, the more damage it does to the live enzymes needed to eliminate the hardened processed food elements in your intestines.

Once you have your juicer you can simply juice all veggies and fruits, I would start with all dark green veggies and add some ginger, lime and a granny smith apple to add a bit of flavor. If you want to go hard and loose some weight fast, some as much as 15 pounds in one weekend due to the intestines releasing the coated walls out of the bowels, go for a total juice weekend from Friday to Sunday.

There is so much literature out there to read or movies to watch like “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” or “Food Matters” that will give you some guidance, or you can search for healthy juicing recipes online. If you cannot get a juicer, most places in the US Offer fresh juices these days, give it a shot, I promise you will be glad you did!

The title photo is a typical day of mine when I make the juicing weekends, I look forward to those times, otherwise I drink green juices 2 or 3 days a week for maintenance, it does wonders for healing many an ailment and other health problems, whether or not you believe it, it works.

Enjoy and as always…Steady on!

The Whole Patriot

As always, check with your Doctor before starting with any new supplements, search out a PHD who has knowledge of natural medicine.

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