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High Blood Pressure Remedies

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Be aware of high blood pressure

According to the American Heart Association, nearly one in three adults in the United States has high blood pressure. But nearly one-third of those people don’t know they have high blood pressure, because it’s a silent disease.

Never think that becasue you feel and look healthy that you must be, avoid unpleasant surprises and get your blood pressure checked regularly.

Lifestyle changes and natural remedies may help to control high blood pressure, but it is important to work with your doctor, because untreated high blood pressure may damage organs in the body and increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, brain hemorrhage, kidney disease, and even vision loss.


The #2 Killer in America is Colon Cancer. Nearly every disease can be traced to a Toxic Colon, that is why we need to start with a flush. Food elimination should only take 18-24 hours yet the average person takes 3-4 days. You can store between 10 – 30 pounds of waste in the colon because of toxic buildup. Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease begin in the colon.

The colon is very difficult to clean since it is the waste disposal unit of our body. The toxins that are not eliminated from your body may cause toxic build up and possibly harbor parasites. The toxins will be stored in the colon and slowly be absorbed by the body. This can poison you and manifest into major health issues. Read more and order by clicking here or here.

You may want to speak to your Doctor about receiving an enema or and herbal colon flush for quicker results.


Fiberzon Plus™: We highly recommend  these capsules, which contain a gentle formulation especially appropriate for those who prefer capsules rather than a fiber drink. Fiberzon™ Plus is a blend of 16 organic Rainforest herbs. It helps nurture a healthy lining of the stomach and intestines, stimulates liver function, and supports healthy colon activity. Great for daily use, evenings before bed and mornings upon rising. Once your colon is clean, this helps keep it that way! Read more and order by clicking here.


SUPERFOOD POWDERS  – You can begin with this right away, or wait until the colon is flushed. This is a mix of greens, grasses, algae’s, herbs, vegetables and many more amazing ingredients that your body is craving and is very easy to take; a few scoops in water or juice and off you go! Superfoods are often preferred over dietary supplements for enhancing health and combating diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity. These are high density, high nutrient very low calorie supplements.

Order by clicking here.  WAIT! This company honors your service by giving a 25% discount! Just enter “veteran2011″ at checkout.

Read more about Superfoods here.

ADDITIONAL SUPERFOODS – These are a very important part of any health solution and of this program

Chlorella – Reduces Body Fat, Total Cholesterol, and Blood Glucose Levels, an absolute must for anyone exposed to Depleted Uranium, nerve gas and other toxins and is also an ideal cleanser for the blood stream. Chlorella has been shown to accelerate healing, protect against radiation, help in the treatment of Candida albicans and relieve arthritis pain. Work with your dose, start with a few tablets and work your way up, very few people have stomach problems with chlorella but if you have persistent diarrhea you should stop and just use the Spirulina. Read more here or order by clicking here.

Spirulina works in many ways to balance and strengthen our health. Its rich array of nutrients provides a strong foundation so we are less vulnerable to invading bacteria and viruses. It supplies essential minerals that may be missing from conventional foods grown in depleted soils. People taking spirulina usually feel greatly energized. Read more here or order by clicking here.


Below are a few basic supplements and herbs we suggest:

Coenzyme Q10: plays a key role in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is needed for cellular energy production. Coenzyme Q10 is also a super antioxidant that helps guard you against damage from free radicals. Here are a few health benefits: Weight Loss: Stimulates your body’s metabolism, Suppresses gingival inflammation, Improves sperm mobility and protects against free radicals, Improves symptoms in cardiac and congestive heart failure patients and significantly enhances immune function. In other studies, Coenzyme Q10 provided benefits in lowering high blood pressure and helped with angina, and congestive heart failure. Order here.

Garlic: In trials garlic showed a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure and four in diastolic blood pressure. Researchers concluded that garlic powder supplement may be of clinical use in patients with mild high blood pressure. Garlic supplements should only be used under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner and may interact with many drugs and supplements such as the prescription drugs, aspirin, vitamin E, gingko. Order here.

Hawthorn: The herb hawthorn is often used by traditional herbal practitioners for high blood pressure. In trial with 79 patients with type 2 diabetes patients, taking the hawthorn supplement had a significant reduction in mean diastolic blood pressure. No herb-drug interactions were reported. Order here.

Magnesium: After oxygen, water, and basic food, magnesium may be the most important element needed by our bodies, activating over 300 different biochemical reactions necessary for your body to function properly. Magnesium protects against heart disease and heart attacks, high blood pressure and stroke and type II diabetes. Order by clicking here.

UPDATE: Read the new post about how Magnesium can alleviate your symptoms immensely here

Vitamin D3: The best source is the sun! Vitamin D can prevent osteoporosis, depression, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and even effects diabetes and obesity. Up to 40% of the U.S. population is vitamin D deficient; it boosts your immune system, has a role in insulin secretion and regulates blood pressure. Recent studies have shown that Vitamin D prevents up to 77 of ALL cancers in women. We take 5000iu a day in winter and less in summer depending on the amount of sun we get.  Order by  clicking here.

DOWNLOAD the special report: The Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D

NOTHING is a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, make the decision to get healthy now, choose the hard right over the easy wrong…we know you have it in you!

Exercise?  3 time a week is great, hard training even better but not a must should you be greatly suffering from your illness. Going to a gym is not always the answer, if you like to walk, then walk. if running is your thing, then go jog. Do what makes you feel good but do something, even if it is walking to the store down the block rather than driving, lifting small weight or filled water bottles in your bed or lying push-ups, just make sure you get started now.

As always, check with your Doctor before starting with any new supplements, search out a PHD who has knowledge of natural medicine.

we encourage you to work through the programs for any ailments and as always please feel free to contact us or leave a testimonial.

It may be difficult to start, we know you can do it…Steady on,

The Whole Patriot

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