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Deployment Essentials

Below you can find our recommendations for sustained health during deployment. We realize that eating healthily is almost impossible while deployed, but you can try to help your situation by bringing a “goody box” of your own. You may want to ask your family or friends to send you backup supplies as well.

It is your health, and no matter what anyone else says, in the end it is you who will be responsible for its maintenance. We suggest the following products in order to sustain your health while deployed:


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Magnesium: Very few people are aware of how vital magnesium is for overall health. After oxygen, water, and basic food nutrition, magnesium may be the most important element needed by our bodies, activating over 300 different biochemical reactions necessary for your body to function properly. Order by clicking here.

UPDATE: Read the new post about how magnesium is a must have for daily nutrition here.

Vitamin B-12: Studies now show that up to 40 percent of the population may be deficient in vitamin B-12, even though this is a crucial nutrient for nerve health and the construction of the red blood cells that distribute oxygen throughout your body. Read more and order by clicking here.

Envirozon: A compound that detoxifies your system, flushes out heavy metals, cleanses the liver and kidneys, and even helps you recover from serious illnesses; this is the most effective headache remedy we know of. Order here. (We recommend the Liquizons.)

Calmazon: Relaxes your system, helps you get to sleep more quickly, calms your mind, and suppresses the production of stress hormones like cortisol (cortisol causes weight gain and feeds on stress). Order here. (We recommend the Liquizons.)

Zinc: Zinc can protect against certain types of cancer, shrink enlarged prostate glands, help alleviate asthma and allergy symptoms, and fortify the skin. It has been shown to help everything from anthrax poisoning and gout to menopause and varicose veins. Order by clicking here.

Natural Vitamin C: The body is not able to make vitamin C on its own, nor does it store vitamin C. There is a fruit called Camu-Camu that has the highest content of vitamin C of any plant on earth.  Look locally for dried Camu-Camu powder to add to your drink or order here – (these are great, easy-to-carry, single-portion packs you can add to any drink).

The list could go on, no doubt, but this is a good basic supply of supplements to keep with you. Most come in powder or tablet form; the powder can be put in a container daily or carried around with you until needed. Keeping mindful of nutrients and supplements may seem like a pain, at times, along with all the other duties and responsibilities a deployment brings, but it is well worth taking care of your health BEFORE you get sick.

Feel free to comment on the different posts or write us with further questions by clicking here.

Should you be deploying, we wish you God Speed and safe returns: be careful out there.

Steady on,

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