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Cancer Treatment Breakthrough?

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Vitamin C as treatment or prevention of cancer? How can this be? Well believe it or not this has been studied for many a year, the results are astonishing but also disputed by the Pharma industry, decide for yourself what you would do if you were faced with this deadly disease…

Vitamin C, in doses well over 100 mg/day, is known to help prevent cancer. Nearly 30 years ago, a review concluded that “Many factors involved in host resistance to neoplasia are significantly dependent upon the availability of ascorbate.” Beginning in the 1970s, many well-designed studies show that very large doses of vitamin C improve both quality and length of life for cancer patients since they invariably are “significantly depleted of ascorbic acid.” When given intravenous vitamin C, “The mean survival time is more than 4.2 times as great for the ascorbate subjects . . . This simple and safe form of medication is of definite value in the treatment of patients with advanced cancer.”  Additional clinical trials have confirmed this over the past several decades.

Even more importantly, recent research indicates that in high doses, vitamin C is selectively toxic to cancer cells. That means vitamin C can function very much like chemotherapy is supposed to, but without the severe side effects of chemotherapy. “A regimen of daily pharmacologic ascorbate treatment significantly decreased growth rates of ovarian, pancreatic, and glioblastoma tumors established in mice. Similar pharmacologic concentrations were readily achieved in humans given ascorbate intravenously.”

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