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Who Are We?

Servicepersons have problems because our lifestyles can be very unhealthy, in part due to the limited choice of diet. We would like to offer solutions for those who are active or veterans – solutions for understanding and tackling the problems that come with serving. We have gathered articles and insights into different types of ailments and their potential treatments. On this website we will pass along invaluable information regarding personal treatment with natural products, herbs, and supplements supported by a basic nutritious diet.

My name is Steven Eugene Kuhn, the initiator of this website. I served in Operation Desert Storm with Task Force 4/8 Cavalry and was exposed to Sarin and Cyclosarin nerve gas. I also received the famous shots and took the bromide pills, was exposed to depleted uranium from our tank rounds, and have suffered a myriad of well-known problems, some of which are life threatening. I watched my friend and comrade die on the battlefield and lived through situations that only other servicepersons like you could possibly understand. We are bound by a common knowledge and I believe we are best suited to help each other.

This is not a political site, nor is it a grudge site. The name “The Whole Patriot” refers to a whole healthy serviceperson, a person and a group of persons that gave, are giving, and would always give it all, bound by a common attitude. Together we embody “The Whole Patriot”.

Personally, I began my natural healing journey after fighting the hair loss, rashes, internal problems, non-healing scalp sores, liver problems, arthritis, blurred vision, asthma-like symptoms, locking joints, metal taste in my mouth, extreme rage, night sweats, insomnia, massive depression and violent outbursts, along with many other problems which eventually led to a physical and emotional breakdown in 1993. I had gotten up to a heavy 280 pounds and was out of ideas and sick of telling myself that my problems were normal. It took me a while before I started trying natural herbs and supplements. I intuitively stopped eating fast food, drinking sweetened drinks, and stopped drinking alcohol back in 1995. These changes alone improved my life.

Over 15 years ago I took my first steps in the journey towards naturally sustained health. Since then, I have been able to alleviate many of the symptoms and much of the pain. It takes time, dedication, discipline, and willpower to follow this program, but it is easy to follow once you make the decision to do good for yourself and stop waiting on the government to help you. I, and those who worked with me through the years, humbly pass this information on to you.

We made the effort to keep our information and advice easy to understand, so there is no guesswork. That being said: once you start this journey, you will also begin educating yourself and searching for even more new natural products for other areas of your health. If you find something that works great for you, please contact us and let us know by sending a testimonial: simply by clicking here.

Our suggestions are not cures, nor are they intended to replace any medical recommendations; they are simply personal experiences from the past 15 years of self-treatment. This program is not intended to replace any treatment or doctors’ recommendations, nor is it exhaustive. We do, however, encourage you to seek out a doctor who is familiar with natural treatments.

If you have not yet read the LIFESTYLE page, please do so and then get started on the START HERE page.

Good luck and always feel free to comment on the different posts or write us any time by clicking here.

We applaud your service and thank you for securing our freedom…Steady on,

The Whole Patriot

P.S. If you missed the START HERE program or THE LIFESTYLE, take a moment to read them, it will make things more understandable.

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